Foods that can increase lung capacity

January 12, 2019 Off By Ayita

Foods that can increase lung capacity. The lungs are organs in the respiratory system (respiration) and are related to the circulatory system of vertebrates that breathe with air. Its function is to exchange oxygen from the air with carbon dioxide from the blood. The lungs also have a nonrespiratory function. You might also be interested in consuming CBD Oil.

Maintaining lung health can be done with the help of supplements and vitamins such as CBD Oil Canada and in the following ways:

  1. Avoid cigarettes
  2. Avoid air pollution
  3. Regular exercise
  4. Avoid stress
  5. Breathing through the nose
  6. Consuming foods containing beta-carotene.

The following foods can increase lung capacity:

1. Sweet potato :

Orange sweet potato is the richest food for beta-carotene. Sweet potatoes are also known as a rich source of antioxidants, as well as sources of vitamins C, D, B6 and minerals such as iron and magnesium. Sweet potatoes effectively reduce the signs of skin aging, fight the flu virus, help increase energy, improve mood and promote healthy growth of skin, teeth, and bones.

2. carrot :

Everyone knows that carrots are not only good for rabbits but also good for human health because they are rich in beta-carotene. Also rich in vitamin A, so carrots are also very beneficial for the health of the heart and teeth. Carrots are also useful for improving vision, fighting the early signs of aging and nourishing the skin.

3. Green radish:

Usually used as an extra spicy for soups and salads, but these vegetables themselves are not as green as the name suggests. Radishes contain Beta Carotene which can increase lung capacity. These vegetables are also high in calcium and glucosinolates and are known to be effective for cancer prevention and for building healthy bones and teeth.

4. Mustard greens :

This beloved green leafy vegetable also provides beta-carotene. In addition, mustard is also a very good source of vitamins K, C, and E, as well as antioxidants that help counteract the effects of free radicals that cause cell damage. Not only can it increase lung capacity, but Vitamin K which is also found in mustard is also useful for preventing blood clots.

5. Spinach:

“Eating Spinach”, is a common teaching that parents are starting to introduce to children, why is that? The answer is that green vegetables are an integral part of growth, rich in antioxidants, builders of bones and teeth, and contain iron as a material for making hemoglobin. Spinach is also a rich source of Beta Carotene. Not only is it able to increase lung capacity, but spinach also contains millions of other benefits.

6. Spices:

Generally added to soups and broths. All types of dried herbs or spices are rich in beta-carotene which can increase lung capacity and is packed with vitamins and minerals.

7. Pumpkin and pumpkin beans:

Half a cup of canned pumpkin provides about 953 mg of vitamin A and only 42 calories. Vitamin A in pumpkin in the form of beta-carotene. Besides these sweet orange vegetables are also high in fiber and low in fat, and rich in antioxidants. Thus, pumpkin is a food that can increase lung capacity.

8. Cabbage:

Closely related to mustard greens, cabbage also provides Beta Carotene which can increase lung capacity. In addition, cabbage also contains many important vitamins and minerals that we get every day.


Apart from consuming foods that can increase lung capacity above, there are several ways to increase lung capacity.

  1. Sports
  2. Respiratory training
  3. Play a wind instrument
  4. Exercise at a high place
  5. Lifestyle (So it’s not just food above that can increase lung capacity, foods that contain vitamin C and vitamin E can also increase lung capacity). Vitamin C can be obtained from Strawbery.

Thus Foods that can increase lung capacity, hopefully useful. You can read other health articles here.