Winding Roads of Marijuana Legalization for Medical

August 2, 2018 Off By Ayita

The history of human civilization records, tobacco and marijuana are two types of plants that undergo massive changes. In Indian culture, tobacco was once considered a sacred plant and could help connect humans with ancestral spirits. Indians also smoked tobacco with long pipes in traditional ceremonies.

Likewise, with marijuana, which is also often referred to as marijuana. It is believed, Indian people have known marijuana since 1500 BC. Bhang, one of the offering drinks to Lord Shiva, is believed to be made from a mixture of cannabis leaves, almonds, spices, cold milk, and also sugar. In the culture of the Rastafari community, marijuana is also used for meditation and rituals

However, in modern society, these two plants are considered poisonous plants. While tobacco is still used for legal cigarette products, marijuana is really considered a part of drugs and is prohibited from using it.

Slowly, things begin to change. Many countries have begun to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. For example, just like Canada which Canada is currently applying a lot Canadian pharmacy, Canadian pharmacy online, and Canada drugs by using the marijuana or cannabis. Perception about marijuana also shifted, no longer seen merely as a plant to stall.

From research conducted by Gallup, there was a significant change in the perception of marijuana in the United States. At first, in 1969, there was 84 percent of Americans who considered marijuana should be illegal. Only 12 percent think that marijuana must be legalized. Then in 2013, the perception map changed. About 58 percent of the people of the United States believe that marijuana must be legalized. Meanwhile, 39 percent still consider marijuana should be illegal.

The same survey also showed that about 38 percent of Americans claimed to have tried marijuana. With the changing perception of society, plus studies on the use of marijuana for medical purposes, there was an urge to legalize marijuana in many states. Most supporters of this movement are young people.

Groups of young people from 18 to 29 years, around 67 percent consider marijuana to be legal. While those aged 30 to 49 years, about 62 percent believe that marijuana should be legalized.